Robland NZ 3200 Panel saw
robland nz300
robland nz3200

The NZ is a true example of approved techniques, high quality and ergonomic design.

The prominent lineation of the new design is reflected in all details.

Simplicity, functional form and clear controls are some of the facets that characterise this new panel saw.

The modern skin hides the results of long years of experience and approved techniques that feature in all Robland machinery.

Orderly organized and ergonomically placed controls characterises the simplicity of the design.

The hand wheel allows you to wind with ease the saw blade up/down or tilt the saw unit even with the motor down.

Transparency for more safety, standard wide and small saw hood.

Standard parallel fence with micro adjuster, small and narrow cuts with saw blade tilted are no problem.

The optional digital flip stop on the cross-cut fence guarantees reliable repetitive precision.

The optional digital read out on the parallel fence offers versatility and exact measurements.

Standard on the machine: support table with extra squaring fence.
The mitre fence and excentric wood clamp on the sliding table are standard equipment.

In both directions 2 x 45° mitre cross-cut fence are standard features on the machine.