Flipstop System


FLIPSTOP is a unique measuring stop system which can be used on most types of machine tools to provide accurate, repeatable machining operations easily and quickly.
It is cost effective to install, simple to use and saves the time and effort of measuring, marking and clamping blocks of wood to a machine fence.
FLIPSTOP consists of a metal track with measuring scale which is fitted to a fence. Pivoting stops are moved along the track to the required position. When not in use the stop is simply flipped up and out of the way.
A number of stops can be fitted onto the track which makes it possible to keep multiple settings on a single unit and simply to ‘flip’ between settings with no further adjustments. In this way, FLIPSTOP can reduce set up time by as much as 80% and often reduce handling by 50%. This time saving can result in substantial cost reductions.
Whether machining one piece to size or working through a lengthy cutting list, FLIPSTOP will speed production by removing the measuring and marking process.
FLIPSTOP is simply screwed to a 45mm high fence on the machine. The FLIPSTOP track is available in 1m,2m or 3m lengths. It can be fitted with left or right reading, measuring scales.

Compatible with most machines
FLIPSTOP is compatible with most types and makes of manual machine tools used for wood, metal and plastics, including radial arm or sliding table saws, chop saws, spindle moulders, pillar drills etc.

The standard FLIPSTOP set comprises: one length of track, 2 stops, self adhesive scales, fixing screws, allen key and instructions. Additional lengths of track only, stops and left to right – right to left adhesive scales in various lengths are available as extras.


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