Morso Foot Operated Mitre Trimmer

Refurbished condition, £ 950.00 Ex-Works + VAT

sip compressor

SIP Airmate Compressor  Model: ISBD  5.5/200

The air compressor has been designed with a 5.5hp heavy duty induction motor. Manufactured with a slow running pump which gives lower noise levels, greater reliability and an extended life. With splash oil lubrication and stainless steel valves for maximum durability and excellent wear resistance. 2 stage belt driven compressor. Featuring a cast iron barrel and fly wheel giving a sturdy construction and superior cooling. The cylinders have been designed in a V formation for perfect balance. The wire mesh safety guard offers extra protection for the user whilst the safety valve means you get worry free operation. 415v/3ph/50/hz.

Immaculate condition, £ 450.00 Ex-Works + VATsold


Morso Foot Operated Mitre Trimmer

Cleaned & checked condition, £ POA Ex-Works + VATsold

Orteguil Mitre Trimmer

Orteguil Foot Operated Mitre Trimmer

Refurbished condition, £ POA Ex-Works + VATsold


Wadkin FDT Setting Stand


Refurbished condition, £245.00 Ex-Works + VATsold